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Reinvent your core with the Katamibar!

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  • Katamibar

    2 lb Katamibar

    The standard Katamibar used for optimal cardio and core workouts.

  • Katamibar

    5 lb Katamibar

    A heavier bar to get that deep muscle burn.

  • Katamibar

    Stability Ball

    Use the Stability Ball for core exercises and to work on your overall strength.

  • Katamibar

    Stability Pump

    Use the pump to inflate your Stability Ball.

  • Katamibar

    Carrying Case

    Easily bring your Katamibar wherever you go.

  • Katamibar

    Katamibar DVDs

    The full line of Katamibar DVD's worth over $100

See what Paul's customers are saying...

  • Paul Katami is a very skilled fitness instructor, I have several of his more recent videos, and he gives precise, step by step direction, and repeats sequences enough that you can develop your form and catch on quickly. He is excellent with the kettlebell workouts and with his 4x4 Bootcamp. Very good and effective workout.

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  • I am a personal trainer and I am in awe. Way to go, Paul!

    Amazon.com Review
  • Paul Katami is an excellent instructor. He is very specific and gives excellent instructions. I am not a "spring chicken" and was able to use this very well.

    Amazon.com Review
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Kai Zen

The philosophical method Paul teaches his clients to continuously improve their health and fitness.

About Paul

Paul Katami is a nationally certified personal fitness trainer and instructor Paul Katami.
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